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Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Camera Handle Photo Bracket Bluetooth Mobile Phone Anti-shake Selfie Device Fast Charging Holder

Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Camera Handle Photo Bracket Bluetooth Mobile Phone Anti-shake Selfie Device Fast Charging Holder

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Features: With Charging Indicator

Features: With Cable

Features: With holder

Features: Magnetic Wireless Chargers

Brand Name: VIKEFON

Compatible Brand: Apple iPhone

Origin: Mainland China

Set Type: With USB Cable

Certification: RoHS

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Connector Type: Type C

Max. Output Power: 10W

Choice: yes


1. Comfortable handle: Anti-skid ergonomic design, fitting camera leather, durable. Inspired by the camera like handle, it makes photography more stable

2. Rotatable design: A simple rotation axis, which can be switched automatically, and the angle can be tilted to 12.5 degrees. It is not only a photo stand, but also a desktop stand

3. Hidden suspension magnetic suction: Strong absorption, no fear of turbulence. Strong suction, stable mobile phone operation, no need to worry about mobile phone falling off

4. Preferred material: The support is made of ABS material, which is environmentally safe and refuses to be processed with returned materials, without peculiar smell; The handle is made of PU leather with excellent chemical and hydrolytic resistance

5. Make photography more stable: Capture beautiful moments, increase stability by holding with one hand, and reduce picture jitter. Leather gives you a better feel, and you won't be tired after shooting for a long time. Compact design, it can be placed in any pocket or bag, small body, easy to carry


Model Number: magnetic wireless charger selfie phone holder

Charger: wireless charger

Features: Magnetic

Type: Magnetic Holder

Model: BBC-8

Color: black, blue, pink, purple (optional)

Style: Basic, upgraded wireless charging (optional)

Material: ABS + magnet + PU

Battery capacity: 200mAh

Input interface: Type-C

Rated voltage: DC/5V

Rated current: 2A

Wireless Charger power: 10W

Size: 11.2x8.3x3.5cm/4.41x3.27x1.38in

Weight: 60g

How to Use:

1.How to use: Read the instructions before receiving the product!!!

2.Press and hold the ON key for 2 seconds, and the blue indicator flashes. At this time, turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth-compatible to connect to the Bluetooth-compatible device named BBC-8;

3.After the connection is successful, the blue indicator is always on. At this time, the mobile phone holder can take photos and videos.

4.When not in use, press the ON key for 2 seconds. If the indicator light is off, it means the power is off!

5.It will automatically shut down when the battery is low. At this time, the product needs to be charged. The red indicator light is always on when charging, and the light is off when fully charge. The charging time is about 2.5 hours.


Q: Can I only use my for iPhone?

A: Both for Android and for Apple mobile phones with Bluetooth-compatible function can be used.

Q: How can other mobile phones be attracted without magnetic suction function on the back?

A: An iron ring with adhesive backing is provided inside each product packaging box. When using, stick the iron ring on the back of the phone, and then attach the bracket.

Q: Can I use it with my phone case?

A: Not recommended, because the magnetism of the phone case will be greatly reduced after it is put on.

Users with mobile phone cases need to stick the iron ring on the mobile phone case, and then suck the bracket up.

It is also not allowed to put the iron ring inside the phone case for use. The iron ring needs to contact with the bracket to give full play to its magnetism!

What in the package:

1 X Mobile Phone Holder

1 X Type-C Charging Cable

1 X Instruction

1 X Magnetic Ring Gift (If your phone do not support magnetic function or not Adsorb well,Please attach the magnetic ring to the back of your phone/phone case.)


1.Wireless charging is not a power bank. The wireless charging power is 10W. It needs to be connected to a USB charging cable. The interface is Type-C. The battery is a 200mAh polymer battery. The battery only supplies power to Bluetooth-compatible. Normally, it can last for two to three months when you go out to play and take photos.

2.There is an iron ring inside the packaging box. At present, for Apple 12/13/14 series models have magnetic properties on the back, so the iron ring can not be directly adsorbed. For other models, the iron ring needs to be glued on the back of the phone (press it tightly after being glued), and then it can be used after being sucked on.

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